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Window Reveals

Insulated window reveals

Dot and dab for plasterboard

Taping and Jointing

The last post covered taping and jointing.  This actually took us quite a long time to complete.  It was not only due to the work, but also my day job was quite busy so I was often too tired by the time I got back home!  The sanding down of the joint filler is not particularly hard work (if you follow my advice), but it is quite a dusty exercise.

Window Reveals

The area which we left to last was the window reveals.  We wanted time to get these right – particularly to ensure that they were 100% vertical.  This involved some localised cutting of the plasterboard/insulation to get it exactly right.  When we installed the wall insulation, we rebated and ‘cut out’ the insulation to a depth of 14mm, so that the plasterboard could be cut to size and fixed with plasterboard adhesive.

A metal angle was then fixed with flat head nails, to form a perfect right angle of the wall to the reveal.  The process described in my last post (of using joint filler and plasterboard cement) was used to create a perfectly smooth finish.

At the location where the plasterboard return joined the timber window frame, you cannot just ‘fill’ the gap as they will expand at different rates.  We applied an expamet stop bead along the full length of the plasterboard.  Once again, joint filler and cement were used to create a perfectly smooth finish.  Decorator’s caulk was used at the joint of the expamet stop bead and the timber window frame.

Snag the Works

A thorough snagging check was undertaken after completion of the works.  This was done exactly the same way as we did for the Taping and Jointing discussed in the last post.  Really important if you are using spot lights – they really do show up the smallest error.


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