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Wooden Lintels

First of all, I would like to say that I trust all of my readers have had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Work has been quiet over the festive period – some of you may live in detached houses, others semi detached – the latter are likely to lead to noise complaints more than the former due […]

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Terminating and Diverting Services

It was inevitable that once we had opened up the structure of the existing build that there would be services that need to be terminated or diverted.  Can I start by adding a word of warning – seek professional advice from a plumber and electrician, if necessary getting them to terminate and divert existing  services (which is […]

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Hard and Soft Strip

In this article I am going to explain how we prepared rooms for refurbishment. On returning from a 3 week holiday to the Far East, the first thing we heard on entering our apartment was ‘drip, drip, drip’ – while we were away, a nail in a floor board of the apartment above us had penetrated […]

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In this post we are going to look at how we built up our programme for the works to our apartment.  To date, we have refurbished 4no rooms (only another 10 to go!). Remember, we are undertaking the works on a DIY basis.   To be honest, for the first room we did not have a […]

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Procurement is one of the most important factors to the success or failure of a conversion or renovation project.  The route we chose for our Victorian London apartment reflected our skills, degree of involvement and budget.  We basically undertook the works by way of DIY, with the help of a plumber and electrician for these services […]

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Passivhaus – heat your home for less than £100 per year!

This post has not quite moved away entirely from the ongoing refurbishment of our cold, draughty London Victorian apartment into a warm, energy saving eco home. Let me start by saying that when the works are complete, our apartment will not be a passivhaus, and our heating bills will not be less than £100 per year […]

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Establish a Budget (2) – cost control of a refurbishment project

In my post ‘Establish a Budget post (1)’, I advised that the way we approached the budget.  If you have not read post (1) I recommend you do so.  In this post we have described the process we adopted to create the budget for our own refurbishment in more detail.  In effect, we created a separate budget […]

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Feed-in tariff cuts: New dawn, or is the sun setting on the solar power industry?

Introduction As part of my blog I will write occasional articles on news affecting green issues in relation to property refurbishment.  The current flavour of the month is the Government’s proposals to reduce the feed-in tariff for the solar power installations.  The proposed cuts do not affect us as we live in an apartment.  As a […]

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Establish a Budget (1) – cost control of a refurbishment project

Time start work! Right – now we are starting to get into things in detail.  So often over meeting friends in our London apartment, I am often told of a new refurbishment project under way.  The story typically ends with problems of cost, quality, or programme e.g. getting the builder to actually undertake the works (or even […]

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What we wanted to achieve from the Refurbishment

This post is really about what we were trying to achieve from the refurbishment.  Most people refurbish their homes to increase their value.  At the time of this post, we had lived in our apartment for over 17 years, so considerable value had already been built into the apartment, due to the general increase in property […]

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