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Ground Floor Insulation



Circa 10-15% of heat is lost through the ground floor.  The heat loss can be exacerbated by draughts if your floor boards are exposed, due to the gaps between the boards.   


You may have heard of some people using a paper mache filler and silicone sealant below skirting boards to eliminate draughts, plus a carpet for thermal insulation.  Although this will give you a degree of comfort, you can go considerably further to achieve real savings in fuel bills.    


The most thermally efficient method would be for your carpet, underlay, floor boards and skirting (all can be reused) to be lifted.  A minimum of 100mm of insulation should be suspended between the joists, taking care not to block any air bricks.  A breathable membrane should also be installed. 


All of your existing floor finishes can be relaid on the joists (subject to their condition).  However, we prefer to lay chipboard between the joists and tape all joints, to totally eliminate draughts and air leakage.  Timber laminate, real wood or underlay and carpet can then be applied.  Skirting boards can be sent away for paint stripping, nail holes filled in, and refixed.   


Typical costs are in the region of 770, giving annual savings of 60.  The payback period is up to 13 years, with annual carbon savings of 240kg*.


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