Underfloor Heating



Your home will most likely contain radiators - most do.  As part of a low green refurbishment we recommend that home owners install underfloor heating, if the system is dated or not operating correctly. 


Each system heats a home in different ways, which affects costs and personal comfort. 


Radiators are often located on an (uninsulated) external wall, which can result in excess of 35% of the heat being lost externally.  The effect of convection means that all the heat goes up to the ceiling, and works its way down to keep you warm.  This can lead to a stuffy atmosphere.  


Underfloor heating requires around 20% less energy to provide the same degree of thermal comfort as a radiator heated home.  Warmth is provided by radiation, with all surfaces e.g. furniture etc receiving, storing and emitting heat.  Cold spots in the room are eliminated.  Underfloor heating will give greater energy savings compared to a radiator system, the higher the ceilings in a room.


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